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Overwrite existing ACLs?
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ACL Management ACL管理
Actions 操作
Create New ACL 創建ACL
Deploy ACLs 部署ACL
Export ACLs 導出ACL
Filter for ACLs 過濾ACL
Just start typing to filter... 在這邊輸入過濾字串...
Configuration Import 配置導入
Here you can upload a configuration file to import ACLs to your system. The file needs to be in .yml format as exported by the ACL editor module. 您可以上傳配置文件,以便將ACL導入至系統中。配置文件採用.yml格式,它可以從ACL管理模塊中導出。
This field is required. 該字段是必須的。
Overwrite existing ACLs? 覆蓋ACL
Upload ACL configuration 上傳ACL配置
Import ACL configuration(s) 導入ACL配置
Description 描述
To create a new ACL you can either import ACLs which were exported from another system or create a complete new one. 為了創建ACL,您可以導入ACL配置或從頭創建一個全新的ACL。
Changes to the ACLs here only affect the behavior of the system, if you deploy the ACL data afterwards. By deploying the ACL data, the newly made changes will be written to the configuration. 在這裡的任何ACL的修改,僅將其保存在系統中。只有在部署ACL後,它才會起作用。
Please note: This table represents the execution order of the ACLs. If you need to change the order in which ACLs are executed, please change the names of the affected ACLs. 註意:列表中的ACL名稱排序順序決定了ACL的執行順序。如果需要更改ACL的執行順序,請修改相應的ACL名稱。
ACL name ACL名稱
Comment 註釋
Validity 有效性
Export 導出
Copy 複製
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Edit ACL %s 編輯ACL %s


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