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Instructions and details on migration prerequisites can be found in the migration manual. We strongly recommend reading it before starting migration. 有关迁移的各种先决条件的说明及其详细信息,请参见迁移手册。我们强烈建议你一定在开始迁移之前阅读。
In case you have to suspend migration, you can resume it anytime at the same point as long as the cache has not been deleted. 如果必须停止迁移,则可以在任何时候随时恢复到停止的点,只要尚未删除缓存即可。
All entered passwords are cached until the migration is finished. 所有输入的密码都将被缓存,直到迁移完成。
Anyone with access to this page, or read permission for the OTOBO Home Directory will be able to read them. If you abort the migration, you are given the option to clear the cache by visiting this page again. 有权访问此页面,或具有OTOBO主目录读取权限的任何人都可以读到它们。如果中止迁移,你可以选择再次访问此页面来清除缓存。
If you need support, just ask our experts – either at 如果需要支持,请问询我们的专家 - 或者在
or directly via mail to 或者直接写邮件发到
Cached data found 发现缓存数据
You will continue where you aborted the migration last time. If you do not want this, please discard your previous progress. 你将从上次退出的位置继续进行迁移,当然如果不需要,你也可以放弃以前的进程。
An error occured. 发生一个错误。
Discard previous progress 放弃以前的进程
Insecure HTTP connection 不安全的HTTP链接
You are using the migration script via http. This is highly insecure as various passwords are required during the process, and will be transferred unencrypted. Anyone between you and the OTOBO server will be able to read them! Please consider setting up https instead. 你正在通过http运行迁移脚本,这是非常不安全的,因为在这个过程中需要使用各种密码,而这些密码将以未加密的方式进行传输。你和OTOBO服务器之间的任何人都可以读取它们!所以,请考虑修改设置为https。
Continue anyways :( 不论如何都继续:(
Continue anyways :( 不论如何都继续 :(
Skip DB migration
Expert option! Only works if the migration has already been done by hand.
OTRS server OTRS服务器
SSH User SSH用户
OTRS home directory OTRS主目录
Check settings 检查设置
Result of settings check 设置检查的结果
Settings check successful. 设置检查成功。
Execute migration pre-checks 进行迁移前的检查
Feature not Available 功能不可用
Sorry, but this feature of OTOBO is currently not available for mobile devices. If you'd like to use it, you can either switch to desktop mode or use your regular desktop device. 抱歉,当前的OTOBO不能用于移动终端。如果你想在移动终端上使用,你可以切换到桌面模式或使用普通桌面终端。
Message of the Day 今日消息
This is the message of the day. You can edit this in %s. 这是今日消息,你可以在文件%s中编辑它的内容。
Insufficient Rights 没有足够的权限


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