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Save ACL 保存访问控制列表
Save 保存
or or(或)
Save and finish 保存并完成
Cancel 取消
Do you really want to delete this ACL? 您真的想要删除这个ACL吗?
Create a new ACL by submitting the form data. After creating the ACL, you will be able to add configuration items in edit mode. 通过填写表单数据实现ACL控制。创建ACL后,就可在编辑模式中添加ACL配置信息。
Toggle this widget 收起/展开小部件
This language is not present or enabled on the system. This text could be deleted if it is not needed anymore.
Remove Language
Text 文本
Message body 消息正文
This field is required and must have less than 4000 characters. 这个字段是必须的,并且不能超过4000个字符。
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Save Changes 保存更改
Calendar Management 日历管理
Add Calendar 添加日历
Edit Calendar 编辑日历
Calendar Overview 日历概览
Add new Calendar 添加新的日历
Import Appointments 导入预约
Calendar Import 日历导入
Here you can upload a configuration file to import a calendar to your system. The file needs to be in .yml format as exported by calendar management module. 你可以在这里上传一个配置文件来导入一个日历到系统中。这个文件必须是类似通过日历管理模块导出的.yml格式。
Overwrite existing entities 覆盖现有条目
Upload calendar configuration 上传日历配置
Import Calendar 导入日历
Filter for Calendars 日历筛选
Filter for calendars 日历过滤器
Depending on the group field, the system will allow users the access to the calendar according to their permission level. 根据组字段,系统通过用户的权限级别来允许用户能够访问的日历。


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