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Backup and Restore
OTOBO has built in scripts for backup and restore. Execute the scripts with the option ``-h`` for more information.
To create a new backup, write permission for the destination directory is needed for the user ``otobo``.
The output of the script:
To restore the database make sure that the database ``otobo`` exists and contains no tables.
Considerations for running OTOBO under Docker
The same scripts can be used with OTOBO running under Docker. However some Docker specific limitation must be considered.
First we need to make sure that the backup files are not created in the file system that is internal to the container. Because in that case all data would be lost when the container is stopped. Therefore the backup directory must be in a volume. For now we only consider the most simple case, where the backup dir is a local dir on the Docker host. The location of the backup dir in the container can be arbitrarily chosen. In this example we choose the local dir ``otobo_backup`` as the location on the host, and ``/otobo_backup`` as the location in the container.
First we need to create the volume.
For creating the backup we need a running database and the volumes ``otobo_opt_otobo`` and ``otobo_backup``. This means that the webserver and the Daemon may, but don't have to, be stopped.
For restoring the backup we also need to specify which backup should be restored. The placeholder ``<TIMESTAMP>`` is something like ``2020-09-07_09-38``.
Backup and Restore using Docker
Please read to the chapter :doc:`backup-restore` for basic information about the backup and restore scripts.
The standard scripts ```` and ```` can also be used with OTOBO running under Docker. However some Docker specific limitations have to be considered.


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