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CalendarResourcePlanning Fix this component to clear its alerts. This translation is locked. This translation does not yet exist. AGPL-3.0 0% 108 605
Installation Manual GFDL-1.3 1% 815 12,987 28
ITSMChangeManagement AGPL-3.0 44% 414 4,330 52 1
OTOBO GPL-3.0 78% 1,354 21,065 418 3
ITSMCore AGPL-3.0 1
ITSMIncidentProblemManagement AGPL-3.0
ImportExport AGPL-3.0
GeneralCatalog AGPL-3.0
Survey AGPL-3.0
MasterSlave AGPL-3.0

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Parameters for the deployment states in the preferences view of the agent interface.
4 weeks ago
Create and manage the definitions for Configuration Items.
4 weeks ago
Config item edit.
4 weeks ago
Config item add.
4 weeks ago
No Result!
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Context Settings
4 weeks ago
Last changed
4 weeks ago
Defines the shown columns of CIs in the config item overview depending on the CI class. Each entry must be prefixed with the class name and double colons (i.e. Computer::). There are a few CI-Attributes that are common to all CIs (example for the class Computer: Computer::Name, Computer::CurDeplState, Computer::CreateTime). To show individual CI-Attributes as defined in the CI-Definition, the following scheme must be used (example for the class Computer): Computer::HardDisk::1, Computer::HardDisk::1::Capacity::1, Computer::HardDisk::2, Computer::HardDisk::2::Capacity::1. If there is no entry for a CI class, then the default columns are shown as defined in the setting ITSMConfigItem::Frontend::AgentITSMConfigItem###ShowColumns.
CIクラスに応じて、表示されるCIの列を設定項目の概要で定義します。 各エントリの先頭には、クラス名と二重コロン(つまり、Computer::)を付ける必要があります。全てのCIに共通のCI属性がいくつかあります。(コンピュータクラスの例:Computer::Name、Computer::CurDeplState、Computer::CreateTime)
CIクラスのエントリがない場合は、ITSMConfigItem :: Frontend :: AgentITSMConfigItem ### ShowColumnsの設定で定義されているデフォルトの列が表示されます。
4 weeks ago
Incident State
4 weeks ago
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